Community Projects

Community based public Art Solutions

The power of participation, from concept to celebration. Marc facilitates high profile community projects to achieve real ownership and success in public art. 

lynmore-jubilee-1920x851 Community Projects

‘Jubilee’ Lynmore School, Rotorua, NZ.

A celebration of kiwiana – the treasure of children’s concepts elevated into an illusory delight

Community-projects-Awarua-1024x624 Community Projects

The legendary taniwha ‘Awarua’ 

Porirua SkatePark

Winner, Resene Mural Masterpieces ‘Best Professional Mural’ 2016

Bringing the legend to life, Awarua lands in Porirua’s skatepark, 2016. 

Community-projects-Porirua-artists Community Projects

Collaborating with youth for youth spaces ensures empowerment, ownership and longevity.

Community-projects-Awarua-flipper Community Projects

The Cannon’s Creek Collaboration

 Street art meets trompe l’oeil.

Community-projects-Ants-in-the-studio-300x165 Community Projects
Community-projects-Cannons-Creek-mural-1024x570 Community Projects
Community-projects-Cannons-Creek-mural-installed-1024x515 Community Projects

Ownership through participation – raising community identity and pride

Rotorua International Airport

Community projects for community ownership

Community-projects-Lynmore-children-painting-300x225 Community Projects

Painted on panels in the classroom, five primary schools with 200 children tell their stories – and transform the local airport into a vibrant, community-owned asset.

Community-projects-Westbrooks-airport-mural-1024x417 Community Projects
Community-projects-Rotorua-airport-1024x383 Community Projects

No question, participation gives ownership and ensures longevity – particularly in the public realm. For assistance or advice on your next project, contact Marc.