3D Pavement Art - Murals by Marc Spijkerbosch
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3D Pavement Art

3D Pavement art …

Using permanent hard-wearing paint systems,  Marc’s 3D Pavement art and unique floor illusions encapture, engage, and entertain.

Acrylic on bitumen, concrete, vinyl, cobbles…

Portamix Pavement Art

“Portamix Pavement Art“, New Zealand

Pavement-art-Christchurch 3D Pavement Art

“The Underworld“, Victoria Square, Christchurch

Katikati-foyer 3D Pavement Art

‘Harbour Views’ Katikati, NZ

3D-Pavement-art-lava-pit 3D Pavement Art

Lava pit

3D-Pavement-Art-Chasm 3D Pavement Art


3D-Pavement-Art-Shark 3D Pavement Art


Skate parks…

3D Pavement art brings the ideas of youth to life

Modern acrylic paint systems cater for a huge variety of surfaces.

Non-slip artwork is easily removable with a simple power-wash, or can be ‘locked down’ with epoxy urethane to achieve years and years of performance.

Skate-4 3D Pavement Art

Skatepark Taniwha, Kawerau, NZ

Skate-2 3D Pavement Art

Skatepark Taniwha, Porirua, NZ

Skate-2-1 3D Pavement Art

Lavapit skatebowl, the ride from hell


3D Pavement art heads indoors to create magical, permanent illusions.

Flooring outside the square

Turn your themed venue or attraction into so much more with discovery elements to surprise and delight the unsuspecting guest.  Hidden treats that challenge the viewer and create a real buzz.  Really gets them talking … and coming back for more.

It’s no wonder these images go viral. You’ll be amazed how many people will readily ‘buy’ into an illusion … especially if it is something they might expect to see…

3D-Pavement-Art-Cellar 3D Pavement Art

Cellar, Creeksyde, Queenstown, NZ

3D-Pavement-art-trout-stream 3D Pavement Art

Trout Stream, Hamilton, NZ

3D-Pavement-art-jigsaw 3D Pavement Art

Jigsaw Chasm, Puzzling World, Wanaka, NZ

Rubik’s Floor, Puzzling World, Wanaka, NZ

3D-Pavement-art-rubiks-cube-300x225 3D Pavement Art